CAPPS InfoSolutions is a focused software and infrastructure Solution Provider in India. Today the Business are having a growing challenge of providing atomization of maximum business processes keeping in mind scalability and interoperability between different technology. That’s where CAPPS InfoSolutions comes as a solution provider in the Industry. CAPPS InfoSolutions envisions to bring the emerging Technologies to get Today’s Business a leading Edge over the Competitive Market. CAPPS InfoSolutions not only brings the State of Art Technologies, but also has a Strong focus on Customer Services and Satisfaction.

Who are we?

At CAPPS InfoSolutions we strongly believe that the People are the Biggest Asset of the Company and with Right People the Business grows with no Limits. The Company is led by vastly experienced Management Team in the Information Technology Sector with a Strong cumulative Experience of over 35 years.

What we do?

CAPPS InfoSolutions is software products and services Provider and provides various Business Solutions based on the state of the art Technologies on Premise as well as on cloud. We also provide many Services around the Business Application and Web Development.

Core Strengths

Our entire team is comprised of dedicated, experienced IT providers. Our primary aim is to provide exceptional quality products and services. Our highly qualified employees understand our clients’ requirements easily and quickly. Our strength goes beyond our policies, management, and infrastructure - it’s also about passion. Let us put use to our passion for the technology to help boost your sales and profit margins.

Driving Force

Our commitment to the needs of our customers has been the driving force behind all our product and services.

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CAPPS aims to provide an outstanding added value for the customers

Capps develops solutions that result in economical, highly reliable and sustainable products for our clients.


Inventory Management
Accounting Management
Customer Management
Promotion and marketing Management
Other features


People Management
Leave Management
Reporting -Legal Compliance
Other features


Asset Management
Accounting Management
Customer Management
Promotion and marketing Management
Other features


Leads Management
Contact Management
Task Management
Analysis & Reporting
Other features

By constantly challenging ourselves to think out of the box, we arrive at solutions for our clientele, whose specific needs are our top priority.


Software Development Outsourcing
Customized Software Development
Website and Web portal Development